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Explore the bustling streets of Brunswick East. 

In search of a Brunswick walking tour that really makes a difference? That takes you behind the scenes? Where you meet authentic local people, see how they work and learn what they're most passionate about? 

Then come with us as we dive into Brunswick's diverse & ever-growing eco scene! We visit dedicated local roasters, urban beekeepers, colourful ethical design stores, bean-to-bar chocolate makers, devoted vintage bike makers and a human-powered winery.

Our promise: we cherish small groups and off the path routes, so this is nothing like your usual city tour. You'll be filled with inspiring stories about how we can live more sustainably - while still having heaps of fun!  Learn, eat, drink, mingle & meet the heroes of the Brunswick green scene.


Brunswick East was once an immigrant & working-class district, that is now bursting with bohemian life, indie culture and a strong community feel. Its multicultural vibe attracted creative people, students and artists from all over the world, shaping up an intriguing mix of lifestyles and cultures.

Join us for a Brunswick walking tour off the beaten path, where we meet the changemakers of this cultural melting pot. 
We knock on their doors, get an insight into their fascinating work & learn what drives them most.

At the end, we’ll kick off the evening with a glass of delicious homemade organic wine at a very special local winery (alcohol-free drinks available).

Sounds exciting? Then check out the details below and request your tour!

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Best alternative Melbourne tour ever!

I did the East Brunswick walking tour last week and was absolutely blown away by what we discovered there. Hidden cafes behind unmarked doors where they grow their own veggies and make chocolate, a vintage bicycle store & workshop running out of a cafe's garage, we learnt all about urban bee keeping traditional wine making and coffee roasting and met some amazing, passionate locals who all work together to make East Brunswick this thriving eco-system of sustainable focussed entrepreneurs. Learnt a lot about the history of the area as well from the old clothing manufacturers and European immigrant workers and how their abandoned factories became the canvas for some of the most exciting new projects in the city (for me anyway). Coming from the other side of Melbourne this was a truly eye opening tour and Claudi, our guide, is clearly super knowledgable and her passion and excitement for the city and its sustainable projects comes across every step of the way! Would definitely recommend this tour, whether you're a local or a tourist looking for something a bit alternative to the usual Melbourne attractions. - by alwaysadventuringoz via Tripadvisor

Hidden Treasures .. Amazing Experience In My Own City Of Melbourne

You think you know your own city. Then a friend recommends a tour around Brunswick and suddenly doors that I didn't know existed open up and what a surprise a whole new world of sustainable businesses. The tour takes you to a number of different businesses all within a few minutes walking distance from each other. Each one as fascinating as the next. We sampled amazing produce and heard from the owners and staff about there products and objectives. I was going to write about the honey but then I thought about the chocolate and coffee then the wine..... what was the best tasting????? All of it. Each producer explained how their product was produced and what it contained with love and affection. And that is only some of your the tour. GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY - by Alan H. via Tripadvisor

relaxed, diverse, and succulent brownies

Was a great afternoon, everything is so close by, every place has a great story, never feel bored, always felt full :p Let yourself guided by Claudia, she'll do a really great job :) - by Cyrille L. via Tripadvisor

I did the Brunswick tour this weekend and I absolutely loved it! All the places we went to had an amazing unique story and I sure will go back to every single one of them. Thanks to Claudi we were able to have some tastings here and there and had the chance to have a look behind the scenes e.g. see the garden where they grow their veggies or hear the yeast working its way to make great vino! Highly recommend and so worth the dollar bills!! - by Eva Schi via Facebook

It's been fantastic! I did the Tour in Brunswick and felt in love with all the places we've been to. You probably wouldn't imagine that there are lots of sustainable shops and places just within one street til you've seen it. It's been my second GREEN ME tour now and I can't get enough... Every single tour is unique and has its own special features. But they all have in common that Claudi really shows you how much fun the seek for sustainability and a good impact can be. - by Mira Maria W. via Facebook

I joined the East Brunswick Tour and I went home that night feeling entirely grateful and happy. Claudi is such a positive and kind person who did a great job connecting everyone on the tour with each other but also with the businesses we visited. Each business had a really unique and wonderful vibe and I would have probably not found any of them without the tour but now I will definitely go back and give them another visit. - by Julia Reger via Facebook

I was a tourist in my own city! this is not just a tour, it's an experience where you meet a local community that is passionate about what they do! - by Alistair Gibson via Facebook

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